The United Kingdom Sets Monetary Precedent To Crack Down On Child Sexual Exploitation Material

The intricacies and vastness of the world wide web have generated the portion of the internet that is condemned by every individual, the dark web. An area of the internet, grey in nature, and not under any jurisdiction of the state, country, or international law. This allows the exchange of not only illegal transactions but also the transfer of content and commandments that are condemned under the statute of humanity. The content includes pornographic material obtained through unsolicited sources gained by forcing one or the other in the activity, against their content. Unfortunately, this includes children, below 18, abducted and coerced into participating in activities of pornographic nature. While the world is moving at a steady pace to crack down on these, the United Kingdom has picked up the pace and monetary leverage to allow white hats and independent computer organizations to track on CSAM and bring the exploiters to justice.

The UK did so in a step by the collaboration of the Home Office and Department for Digital, Media, Culture, and Sport by presenting a grand $85000 (or $118,000) towards five organizations in an effort to develop technology that would prevent the existence of such horrendous content on any website across the web. The innovation of the organization would be focused on securing the users on social media applications and chat platforms from the use, abuse, purchasing, or selling of illegal pornographic materials.

The challenge presented to these organizations is to do so for messages and systems that use end to end encryption making it a step towards developmental machine learning to scan and observe the communication through an artificial intelligence in assisting the user to stay wary of participating, purchasing, or accessing CSAMs.

The United Kingdom’s Home Office termed the development as one that would eliminate the blind sighted law enforcement agencies. It is expected that these organizations are targeted towards providing alternatives or allowing more transparency to firms such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram amongst many with WhatsApp, iMessage, and FaceTime already at the heat with the E2E encryption program.

Not only has the UK Home Office presented it to their own state affairs, but they have also used the data system to present up to the G7 counterparts of the Home Office and Apple has added a CSAM detection to the new iOS system by stating that it is the first step towards making sure the complete elimination of child pornographic material and it is expected that all mobile manufacturers follow suit.

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