LinkedIn rolls out an option which will help companies keep in check how they are doing in comparison to their competitors

LinkedIn is the place which unites companies who want to recruit and workers that are looking for opportunities and while the platform is doing their utmost best, they are always looking for room for improvements and working towards them.

The platform hence in order to improve themselves are always updating and adding new features which will be beneficial for the users that are present on it and also make it easier to use and now the tech giant has come up with yet another useful feature. So what is it?

The platform will now help companies manage their page in order to be the best one out there by providing them details about their competitiveness level on the platform. So what does this competitiveness level means?

Well, from now on in regards to a new “competitors” option in the pages analytics section, companies will now be able to compare their social media pages with their competitors’ pages. The comparison will be on the basis of the following: Total number of followers the company has on their page, Number of new followers that have followed them recently, the engagement level the two compared pages have received from their followers and the total posts that are present on the page.

Many social media managers are quite excited about the update, considering it will help small companies to understand where they lack in terms of their competitive companies, where improvements can be made and work towards better social media management. However, while the initiative is great many people believe that companies will now put extra pressure on their social media employees than they already do to manage their social media pages and to always stay on top.

However, while a post from William Saulnier and Matt Navarra shows that this feature is new, many users commented under the post that they already had this feature but at a different position. From what we believe is that is a few users already had this feature, then they might be under the development phase for this feature and now when the feature has been approved, it is now launched globally for all.

LinkedIn though do get some negative reviews at times, it is great that the company is so thoughtful towards its users and is trying their best to improve themselves day after day. The new feature will stand beneficial for many and we hope that all companies will use it well.

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