Instagram may possibly be bringing a few features which may change the appearance of how the app looks right now

Instagram is one of the top social media giants that has a pretty huge userbase. The incredible number of users that are associated with the platform makes the company work harder to provide them new features and amazing tools so that they have a more user friendly and better experience.

Hence, in consideration of this thought process they are always testing new features to keep their older audience intact and to gain the interest of some new ones and this time they might be working towards a few features which may change the look of the application as compared to now.

Alessandro Paluzzi, is a mobile developer and is known to leak hidden features that may have a possibility of launching, recently tweeted that there is a possibility that Instagram may be changing the position of the direct button.

You may be well aware of that little arrow on the upper right hand side of your screen which leads you to your DM. If everything works out for the company, they may switch it from the upper right hand side to the bottom of the screen along with your Home, Reels and Profile buttons.

Judging from the comments of Paluzzi’s post, people are actually happy about it.

Apart from this the second feature the company might be introducing is, a Story Montage feature. This feature from what it looks like, will allow users to create a Reel by merging the stories they have uploaded and insert songs they like. Through this, users will get sort of a mini video editor, where they can compile all the short stories they have of their day and merge them into one and even include a song of their choice.

Instagram seems to have bigger dreams for the future and while the tech giant has always provided its best to its users, we cannot wait to see what it will be bringing this time about.

However, before getting all excited, what you need to remember is that these features were only picked up by leakers and the company itself has not made any official statements about it. So only when Instagram talks about its processing, will it be confirmed that if these changes are actually making its way around to us.

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