Google is planning to add Instagram and TikTok videos as a part of its search results

The tech giant Google has been reported for being in contact with Facebook along with TikTok's ByteDance for indexing Instagram and TikTok's video content along with YouTube videos as a part of search results. Over the last few years, both of these applications have achieved great milestones with billions of installs. Though, in terms of active users TikTok is still far behind Instagram, but the application despite going through controversies in different countries including the US, Pakistan and India, has still managed to get globally recognized in a short period of time.

The short clip format introduced by TikTok is now being adopted by almost all the major social media platforms including Facebook’s Instagram, YouTube short and Snapchat as well. In comparison to TikTok, YouTube short still has a long road left to run. According to a study, users are consuming more time on TikTok in the United States and in UK . However, YouTube is still way ahead than TikTok on the basis of overall time spent along with the number of users.

Google has officially confirmed that the discussion is still under process and is just a part of Google’s policy for seeking out new ideas to organize information of search results. This time the company decided to add Instagram’s Reel and TikToks and for this, Google is in contact with Facebook along with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

In order to confirm the deal, both Instagram and TikTok will be required to share their data with Google so the videos can be categorized. However, it is unlikely for these two applications to share their data with Google that can lead to discussions without any agreement. But, if both of them agrees with Google’s terms then all 3 of these companies will be able to cover a much larger audience by providing videos links for Instagram and TikTok. These links will be joined by the links of other video sharing applications and websites that includes YouTube and Dailymotion as well.

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