Facebook plans on interlinking its family of apps in the near future possibly changing the outlook of how we see the world of socializing

Facebook has slowly managed to acquire a lot of well-known applications with Messenger its texting service, Instagram and WhatsApp being on the top of the list.

However, last hear Mark Zuckerberg had an idea which for sure will change the dynamics and outlook of how we use applications for interaction on this present day.

The CEO of Facebook and the company has planned to merge all three messaging services, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram DM in a way that they work as an individual application, but can be used to interact across applications too.

What does this mean?

Well, this means that users from one application will be able to text their friends on a different application from the application they are currently on. For example, a user from Instagram can search his friend on Messenger directly off Instagram message search option and send them a post or any content from Instagram on Messenger without any hassle.

The idea was introduced last year and since then the famous tech giant Facebook has managed to interlink its own messaging service 'Messenger' and Instagram DMs together. The tech giant in order to implement this strategy is using a technique called 'Platform and Service' which will help users cross link between all of its acquired applications.

However, while the interlinking has been done between Messenger and Instagram, there is still a lot to do. Facebook wants Instagram DMs to feel more like Messenger so that users have a smooth transitioning experience here and there. The new additional option of liking a message on both Instagram and Messenger is what gives off that the tech giant is trying to bring the two applications in alignment.

But while it won't be hard to interact between Instagram and Messenger, the trickier part comes with WhatsApp which allows users to make an account using a cell phone number.

The tech giant still thought wants to try its best to intermix the two messaging services and allow users to send messages from one application to another without switching in between.

The feature however still hasn't made its way to WhatsApp, this is because users on WhatsApp have a better privacy and security with the tech giant allowing end to end encryption and security updates for voice and video calls.

The company knows that while Instagram and Messenger merge is going quite smooth, the real deal comes with WhatsApp because users are very particular about their security there. The policy update that came out in February and made a lot of users back off from the said application is a proof for this. However, Facebook plans on giving proper details of everything before they merge WhatsApp with the other acquired applications and is also said to make sure that users will get a say in whether they want to opt in for the merging or not.

While the tech giant merging plans look great, it's nice to see that they care about their users and instead of implementing their features and services are giving users a say in how they want their world of socials to work.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

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