Apple’s soon to be introduced AR VR Headsets may only work fully once connected to iPhones

Apple though has always been famous or it's brilliant range of iPhones, the tech giant hasn't limited itself to that only. The company has worked hard over the years and have changed the outlook of the world of technology through various new devices and smart features it has introduced.

This time about, it is the same.

A few months back rumors circulated around that Apple is planning on launching its own AR, VR headsets and while nothing was confirmed by the company, it looks like the tech giant is in the process of its launch. It can even be said that Apple may half way be done through its processing.

An insider from the company enlightened the world that the Cupertino giant is working towards the new AR VR headset technology and that the tech will need a connection with an iPhone, to allow all its functions to work. This doesn't at all mean that the AR VR headset will not work without an iPhone. The headsets will surely work even without the connection of an iPhone, however their features will be limited and once exposed to an iPhone will they be able to fully unlock all their features.

However, it has not been mentioned as to which model of iPhones will the headset be eligible to connect on, but from what we believe the newer models will be the first choice.

While priory a lot of speculations and leaks have been made for the soon to be released headsets, none of them have been confirmed by Apple yet and the tech giant hasn't even spoken on this iPhone connectivity matter as well.

The leaker further mentioned that Apple has worked on a SoC chip which will soon be integrated with the device and two other chips have also been developed for installation.

However, while the leaked information may be true we are still waiting for the company to an official announcement itself. Apple has not mentioned the official release date or even a time frame, all the above facts conclude that the AR VR headset will be making its way sooner than we expected.

Apple is introducing such amazing feature which will definitely bring massive changes in our world of tech and while the tech giant plans its further growth we cannot wait for the AR VR headsets and all that which Apple has in store for us.

H/T: Theinformation.

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