Zoom faces an 85 million-dollar lawsuit with claims of unable to protect its user privacy and information

Zoom though was not a much appreciated application before, it now has become a household app considering how both school lectures and office meetings are being conducted on it since the pandemic hit the world in the early months of 2020 and almost all of the human population was confided within our homes.

However, though Zoom has been playing an important role in most of our lives, the application recently got caught up in a scandal. Why is that?

Well, recent information shows that Zoom has been leaking its users data to other third party applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google which clearly violates its policies which states that Zoom is responsible to protect its user’s data. Apart from that the lawsuit was also raised against some events which have been taking place on some Zoom meetings.

In some Zoom meetings, for the past few months, it is being observed that certain third parties or outsiders who aren’t a part of that meeting login themselves and start showing explicit content such as pornography or any material which disrupts the meeting. This practice is called “Zoombombing” and people had questions as to how those people were getting links to private meetings?

However, now Zoom Video Communications in order to settle the law suit has decided to pay a total of 85 million dollars. All subscribers will be refunded a 15 percent of their subscription fee or 25 dollars, which ever among the two figures stand the highest and while others will receive a 15 dollars’ cashback.

Though, Zoom had managed to collect a revenue of 1.2 billion dollars which is a lot more than the 85 million they had to pay to settle the lawsuit, lawyers working on the case said it was a stable amount and have decided to seek up to $21.25 million for legal fees.

Zoom, though has paid all of its lawsuit charges, still claims that the privacy of its users and their security has always been the company’s main concern and that they deny any such claims that were imposed on them.

However, the tech giant has promised that it will further work in order to make its application’s privacy and security better and stronger and try to give their users’ a better experience on the application.

Zoom wasn’t as popular of an application as it is now and hence considering how quickly this year it made its way up on the charts we are sure it is having some slight bit troubles adjusting to all the massive number of users and maintaining everything properly to everyone’s need. The application grew from its 81,900 in January 2020 to 497,000 customers because of the pandemic.

However, there are chances that these numbers may drop considering the vaccine roll out and people returning and adapting back to a more normal approach to life. However, times are still uncertain and we haven’t moved back to our lives completely and hence we sincerely hope that the tech giant fixes all of its issues and provides its users with better privacy and a safer experience.

Photo: SDI Productions / Getty Images

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