YouTube's partner program participants have doubled in 2020

YouTube's partner program has had an amazing turnout rate over the span of 14 years. The project now stands proudly with over 2 million creators using it to monetize their creations.

Upon reaching such a number, Neal Mohan, the platform's chief product officer took to the official blog to share the goals and policies it plans to implement to secure these creators in the future. Since this project was an open-monetization program, it received quite a turnout. You simply had to be qualified to pass through and start earning however, the requirements were restricted hence not everyone can pass through.

It was also mentioned that the number of creators were observed twice as many in 2020 when compared to 2019 which we assume is because of the pandemic. This cannot be the only reason as the monetization opportunities have also widely increased, with ads as active monetization and alternative monetization including Super Chat, channel memberships, and such. Although the exact amount wasn't mentioned, it was stated that 345,000 salary-equivalent payouts were given out to US creators alone. We can only imagine the payout globally.

Although this is a great opportunity, we speculate that giving out so much money is a big responsibility therefore the lengthy hours of videos have to be monitored closely to pick out the unworthy ones with 'bad acting' and 'violative content'. YouTube removes these videos before they receive any views, filtering out any potential problems in the future. These videos aren't present in a big amount which Mohan mentioned, only 16-18 out of 10,000 views. This means the content is 99% safe.

Since monitoring such a large amount can be tiresome, YouTube has created a few policies to ease out its burdens. The first is the Self-certification program where users rate themselves, their content in terms of user friendliness which is then cross-checked by YouTube and if it matches the rate given by the platform, the trust rate automatically goes up. When a channel has achieved this, YouTube will automatically trust the channel and its choices more. This also helps reduce the mistaken flagging dilemma.

As you all might have already heard, YouTube had $100 million funds kept away for Shorts individually, to pay users who upload on Shorts. The program has less stricter requirements and also paid bonuses as a tactic to attract more users. Although this is a wise trick, we're not so sure why YouTube has to spend so much to attract users when TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat Spotlights did not pick up any such initiative yet have a huge adoption rate.

YouTube understands that with the YPP comes great responsibility and it is doing its best to live up to that. With the strict policies placed on the program, we can see YouTube is taking this seriously and we expect it to continue taking such great initiatives

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