Twitter Acts On Digital Pranks And Abuse Against Businesses

The world has been revolving around towards a digital age and the COVID-19 Pandemic exponentially boosted the entire process and that too significantly. With everything going online, there were many new businesses that entered online platforms with several expanding on their already present hybrid businesses. However, as there were businesses entering the digital landscape, there were some users entering the space as well while many had a lot more time on their plates to surf the internet. This led to not only the users surfing and spamming the businesses with useless messages but also taking up time to initiate prank calls, send spamware, and in extreme cases viruses on email to crash the businesses system. Most of these used to work under a guise name with location proxy initiated to prevent any sort of legal or cyber legal action.

With the sheer amount of cases of such discrepancies, the social media platforms took to themselves to assist the businesses as removing the phone number and email could cost these businesses customers. Therefore, Instagram was the first one of these platforms to provide assistance and initiated the release of an algorithm that would hide the details by providing the businesses with an option to do so. It would then only provide the business social media messaging service where the business could share the details at their own feasibility and in their own time.

Twitter as it faced a similar problem was also quick to act and initiated a similar strategy to Instagram. Although the details and technical aspects are not yet released and the entire program seems to be passing through the initial testing phase, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. It looks and works similar to Instagram’s at first sight as the details are hidden from the user. It also highlights that businesses have the option to select now whether they want to display or hide their details as previously they had to key in the section or it indicated that the section was a blank leaving room for doubt on the credibility of the business.

However, the new program might also have certain flaws associated with it, it shows that the social media platforms are working in the right direction for their businesses. There are expected to be many more updates before these social media platforms establish a foolproof method of communication between customers and businesses and the updates will be here if there are any.

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