Top 5 Market Research Companies Online

Comparing all market research companies that specialize in online research, we’ve curated a list of the best. Here are the top 5 market research companies available.

What is Market Research - And Why Does it Matter?

Market research is one of the essential components of keeping any business running. The many activities one undertakes when conducting market research all serve one end goal - to better understand consumer behavior.

Every market is made up of segments - that is, groups of people with similar characteristics, values, or buyer behaviors. Analyzing these groups can lead to a greater understanding of the wants and desires of their target market - most often their core customer base, or potential customers.

While many large and mid-sized businesses employ in-house marketing teams to drive research campaigns and conduct analysis, many small and independent companies - that is, the majority of businesses out there - cannot afford this luxury. This is where third-party market research campaigns come into play. These companies can be utilized in a variety of different ways to bolster your marketing research output, such as through: data collection, research analysis, customer outreach, consulting, testing, and more. With so many companies out there, we’ve researched dozens of them - and came back with a sample of the 5 most impressive options for researching online.


Researchers at the global marketing giant Nielsen have been helping businesses gather unique customer insights for nearly a century. Most well-known for their Nielsen ratings - an audience measurement system used to capture market data for tv, radio, and newspapers - Nielsen plays host to a wide range of services designed to connect businesses to their audiences.

Nielsen enables some of the world’s largest and most established firms to grow and manage their customer base. Optimized marketing campaigns are developed and run across multiple channels, providing strategies to businesses that allow them to improve customer experience while growing their market share. These insights are crucial to the continued success of even the most dominant of industry titans. Information is power, and Nielsen channels that information directly into the hands of thousands of market leaders every day.

While recruiting the services of Nielsen might not come cheap, you can rest easy knowing that few companies can out-compete this behemoth of consumer research.

Branded Research

Branded is an online research firm that aims to give researchers more autonomy over how they do their work. These on-demand data collection tools enable users to gather real-time insights from their core audiences. Branded surveys - in coordination with their proprietary algorithm - helps researchers filter their results by bringing the most important data to the forefront. These market research surveys can reach a wide range of audiences; but the services offered by Branded are strictly limited to online surveys.


UserTesting is an online feedback platform designed to gather unique consumer insights through a combination of video surveying and questionnaires. Used by both small companies and larger firms, UserTesting surveys and demos can be used to fulfill a variety of everyday market research needs; generating customer feedback on product design, user experience, buyer behaviors, and more.

UserTesting excels at product testing and user experience development. The video response component of these surveys enables researchers to put their products in the hands of real customers; the results can then be viewed, recorded, and stored for later analysis - right on the company’s proprietary platform. UserTesting also offers a curated selection of resources aimed at teaching new users how to better utilize these market research tools.

There are 3 unique product packages offered by UserTesting; however, there are no fixed price plans. Teams looking to try out UserTesting can receive a quote tailored to their size and functional needs. Users who are new to the platform can request a trial run before committing to any payment plans.


Gartner, much like Nielsen, is one of the most acclaimed and accomplished market research providers. Gartner offers some of the most specialized IT management and market research services available; the studies released annually and biannually by its teams are often held as the gold standard by c-suite executives looking to keep informed on global market trends.

With over 100 offices spanning the globe, Gartner is known for their ability to gather high-quality research insight. Therefore, the prices they charge reflect the premium nature of the service - up to $30,000 annually for access to these reports. Many users find this cost to be well worth it for access to Gartner’s proprietary analytics tools and the variety of services they offer.


Rounding out our top five list, Helpfull stands out as being the most affordable and utilitarian of the bunch. Helpfull is an instant-survey platform, meaning their users can access their survey results immediately - right as they’re submitted. The utility of real-time customer feedback lies in the speed and ease with which even novice surveyors can run their surveys.

From the moment their users click “Get feedback” on the Helpfull main app - to the time their survey reaches its first panelist - is often less than 10 minutes. On average, a Helpfull survey with an audience of 100 pollsters completes in just 18 minutes. During that time, users can watch their audience responses pour in.

Integrating feedback from your clients is vitally important to your business. It’s no surprise that the best products are ones that incorporate the tastes and desires of their target customers into their designs; it makes sense. The customers are what matter most. Incorporating feedback can be used to improve customer experience throughout every stage of the buying process, whether they’re: shopping in stores, browsing through a digital catalogue, or browsing social media channels.

What To Takeaway

When it comes to online market research tools, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all program. Finding the right tool for your business depends on factors like: your marketing budget, the size of your firm, your research needs, the market you operate in, and more. Choosing the right company involves doing a little research of your own. Viewing what resources each third-party company has to offer is going to lead to you finding the tool that best fits your needs.

Develop a list of your top three candidates. Vet their experience, their price points, and the scope of their services; after getting a quote, you will find yourself with your ideal research platform. There are thousands of services out there, but these five prove to be the best along the lines of experience, availability, price, and utility.
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