Research shows, Shopping applications have the top presence of Apple Identifier for Advertisers

IDFA is an exclusive, random, and resettable identifier allocated to each iOS device of users. The main aim of providing these IDs is to trace the activities of users so that they can be used to send them personalized ads. However, advertisers must have to get the consent of users to track their data through IDFA. Recently, PubMatic has issued a research report about the top presence of IDFA in different types of applications such as Business, Automotive, Gaming apps, and Shopping, etc. As per the report, 67 percent of Apple users are using iOS 14.5 or even advanced versions while 33 percent of users are having prior versions.

iOS users have to enable this IDFA if they want to get the best marketing experience. Even though the ratio of opting-in is increasing every week, people on iOS 14.5 or advanced having almost 30 percent lesser IDFA presence than those people who are using the previous versions. However, the highest presence of (Identifier for Advertisers) is in the shopping applications with 79 percent. People want to get the personalized ads therefore, they are opting more in this category of applications. Automotive and Business applications have also the same presence for IDFA with 79 percent.

Gaming categories are not behind as they have a 75% percent presence of IDFA. However, health and fitness applications have 74%. Users who have enabled the IDFA will get 2.4 times more eCPMs (effective cost per mile) than those iOS users who have opted out.

However, there are also some categories of the application having the lowermost presence of IDFA in the iOS 14.5 or advanced. The applications of Educations have the least presence of 19 percent. The apps of Foods & Drinks have 26 percent presence, and Personal Finance has 45 percent. Community applications have 51 percent and Technology & Computing are also having the same percentage ratio.

After Apple made some big changes in the IDFA as it has made it to opt-in choice and that does not go in favor of the advertisers. Researchers have also found that many advertisers are changing their strategies as they are now switching their advertising budgets to AAID for Android due to the alterations made by Apple Company. As per the percentage figures of the data, during the mid of July 2021, mobile app ad spends share on Android is 63 percent whereas it 37 percent on iOS during the same month.
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