Google Chrome decides to replace yet another perfectly functional reading list feature with an experimental one, Wall-E

Google, for once, had designed the perfect feature for utmost convenience. The Google Keep (a note-taking service though) would enable you to create the ideal shopping list in your notes through voice assistant. Since notes worked offline, there was no chance you'd ever be stuck in a Wifi-less place with no idea what to buy next. Then, not too long ago, everything was turned upside down when Google decided to fit Google Shopping in the mix to element the need of Google Keep for shopping proposes.

The Shopping List had some pretty evident features, none of which were received gladly. Unlike its former application, this one did not support voice-functionality, always needed a Wifi, and was web-based. This increases your chances of getting stuck in marts way more often with no clue!

With the heaps of updates coming in, Google once again decided to change the shopping list that had already taken forever for people to adapt. What we do not understand is, when Google cannot add any more benefits, why does it keep updating a side feature with not much importance just to receive loads of criticism?

This time around, the shopping list is going to be based around the browser. The feature is in trial right now and hasn't been discovered by many but Dinsan Francis from ChromeStory manage to spot this first. He discovered that the project went by the code name of Wall-E which led us to think that the intentions behind the project might be the same as of the movie i.e. human extinction through consumerism. For now, the test is working as a Chrome extension developer and will soon be accessible to all users as a replacement to the Google Shopping list. We also speculate that it could be launched as just an extension as well.

As for Google Shopping, the experience of users hasn't been that great considering many users did get their order lost before getting delivered and it should be noted that these did not receive any kind of refund though we're not too sure about the consolation provided. In such a state, how can Google assume its new version would be well-received unless this time around the shopping list is really worth it and we can't be too sure about that unless we check it out first hand.

Google Shopping has also received quite the attention from the company itself as the generation of the revenue from the sales acquired from Google Shopping discourages the platform from requiring other sources of revenue i.e. the ads placement. Google along with Facebook have been in deep waters for a while due to their joint corruption and illicit ad activities. Since the trial is soon, if Google does manage to decrease its ad customers by a huge margin by then, it might be saved from the horrors of the lawsuit.

Anyhow, we look forward to the launch of this new version of the Chrome Shopping list as anything might work better than the already existing version and one with a name based on a popular Pixar movie? We do have high expectations this time around.

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