GIPHY Studios brings new opportunities for creators through a platform called Creator’s Club

In the modern times, one field of work that has greatly risen is the field of content creation and while a few years back it was relatively new and not something everybody knew about, in the present times content creation has gotten vast recognition and creators are getting a handful of opportunities to showcase their talents.

Something similar to this has happened very recently where GIPHY decided to give content creators a new platform.

Facebook-owned Giphy has launched a Creators Club which is a platform allowing creators to make original Gifs and short videos.

Giphy was a platform which started off in 2013 as an independent network but was acquired by Facebook last year and the creators club happens to be the first original program that has come out of it.

GIPHY Studios has selected 12 creators as the part of the creator’ steam as of now and the social giant has announced that all these creators will be working under guidance of a dedicated team and will be exposed to a whole lot of opportunities for them to work through and all this will entirely be funded by the tech giant.

GIPHY Studios' main goal in launching this new creators club is to provide the creators a new place and a new different way to pitch in their creativity and to present entertainment and conversational content in a unique way through the platform. The tech giant has promised that the audience will be observing new and unique content almost on daily basis and that new videos and GIFs will also be dropping particularly near and in relation to festivals and cultural events.

However, while all the selected creators come from different niches of content creation, what all these creators have in common is the fact that they all are new to the GIF creation world and that they already have a strong Instagram following. This will work well for Facebook because once these creators start using the club, their following will also know about its existence which will automatically be great for the future of GIPHY.

What you must be thinking is that will GIPHY be expanding this? Well, while currently GIPHY has only launched 12 creators the tech giant has labeled them as the faces of 2021 so there is a possibility that new creators will be added in the coming times.

While all that is, we cannot wait to see the outcomes and amazing new features and content this new platform will bring along itself.

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