Besides just WhatsApp, Facebook is also extending its encryption process to video and audio calls of Messenger and Direct Messages of Instagram to maintain the privacy of users

These days, people give more importance to the security of their data than anything else and many social media and messaging platforms are introducing the end-to-end (E2E) encryption technology to improve the privacy of users. Despite the strong opposition from the government and many other regulators that this encryption process can be dangerous for children, Facebook is still trying to extend its E2E encryption process to video, audio calls of its platform Messenger and DMs of Instagram as well (though the later is still in the testing phase). Basically, this E2E encryption process encodes the chats or data of users so that it can be concealed from unknown persons and even from the platform as well. Somehow, it also builds the trust of users that the platform is not spying on the private information of its users.

The giant social platform offered encrypted messaging on Messenger about 5 years ago. Now the similar security is purposed by the platform for the video and audio calls of Messenger. The platform is further testing the E2E encryption to group discussions and group calls on Messenger. The users of Instagram will have to turn the encryption on just like they have to activate it on Facebook Messenger. However, many users are complaining that they are unable to activate the E2E encoding by going to the setting as this update has not put this option by default. The security page of Facebook Messenger has announced that it will be turned on by default soon but still, it has not mentioned the exact date. This encryption process is already by default on WhatsApp but still, there are many controversies as well.

Besides just the encryption process, the platform is now trying to give more control to its users on the vanishing mode of messages. Users will be able to select the time for instance, from 5 seconds to 24 hours for the vanishing of their messages. Not only Facebook and its owned platform are prioritizing the encryption process but applications like Telegram and Signal are already using this E2E encryption for quite a long time. The reason why Facebook is now focusing more on this process is that many of its users were shifted to Telegram when the data of 533 million users was leaked online. Now, this can be a good strategy to build the trust of its users that their private information is secure and neither the platform can check that info, nor anyone else.

Still, there are issues that the platform has to face as it is not well reputed for maintaining the privacy of its users.

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