Unused domain names can now be sold easily with the help of GoDaddy

With so many famous Entrepreneurs who started from scratch, a lot of people would also plan to start up their own business. One of the basic step required to achieve this goal is to get hold of a domain or multiple domain names. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to reach the success they had in mind and may end up giving up on their idea. As a result the domain they were about to use would go unused.

To assist those who wants to sell their domain, one of the renowned web hosting firm, GoDaddy has started to provide a new service through which old domains could be sold easily. The service has been named as List for Sale. As a result to this, the GoDaddy users can take help from the company by listing their domain there so it can be sold afterwards.

The whole procedure works just like how Brokers work. Listing the domain is free of cost and if it ends up getting sold then a small amount will be deducted as a commission for the company. The whole process has been kept simple and user friendly. Listing the domain name is only a three step process and starts with the domain holder opening the List for Sale through the control panel. Next step is setting up a price tag for the domain. This step is also assisted by the company through providing an estimated worth as well for the listed domain. Then the domain is added on the marketplace with the help of a landing page which will be the final step and will let others know that the domain is available to be purchased.

The service was announced back in January and shortly a beta version rolled out. Since then the service has helped many domain owners to sale it and have contributed a lot to bring in revenue. The service can be availed easily by the users and could also play a small role in making some money for next business plan.

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