iPhone 12 Sales Reach 100 Million Units, Rivaling Those of iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 was the single most popular phone that the company had introduced up until very recently. The iPhone 12 has ended up reaching the same level of popularity, crossing 100 million units sold in a period of time that is two months shorter than what we saw for the iPhone 11. One reason why the iPhone 6 was so popular was due to the reason that it was a major change from previous models due to its altered form factor along with a bunch of other new features.

The reason for iPhone 12’s success might be similar as well. One aspect of this would be the addition of 5G capability because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up enabling users to take advantage of the faster version of mobile internet that is currently available in the world. The iPhone 12 might just result in another super cycle for Apple, the company’s first since the iPhone 6 first ended up getting launched.

Another really interesting trend that is being seen with this iPhone is that being are adopting the Pro Max version a lot more frequently than was the case with the iPhone 11. This indicates that users are willing to adopt a higher end version of the phone as the features might be a bit more appealing to them. This indicates potentially increased demand for more premium iPhone models in the future as well, which is a good sign for a company that is trying to diversify its product offerings after having stuck to a single phone model for a really long period of time. It seems that Tim Cook’s experimentation has paid off in this regard and it has resulted in Apple offering a wider range of phones for various budget levels.

H/T: Counterpointresearch.

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