Google Assistant Can Now Help You Check Out Faster While Shopping

A major part of the manner in which tech companies have been operating these past few years has involved them trying to incorporate themselves into the process by which various users would shop online. Google is attempting to make it so that you can shop using Google Assistant entirely rather than having to do it on your own. This was announced last year as an addition to the Duplex feature, and while we aren’t really seeing a rollout of the full shopping experience through Google Assistant just yet some users have spotted some beta testing for a fast checkout feature.

The way that this would work is that instead of having to fill in all of the details when you check out including addresses and payment information, you can simply have Google Assistant manage this for you with the push of a button. This is something that can speed up the shopping process for a whole lot of users, although others might feel like it is not altogether necessary. In many ways this is an upgrade of a feature that Google has been offering from some time, but the fact that it is now being done through Google Assistant means that we might see more features getting incorporated here over time.

Duplex has previously been used to help you book appointments easily, and in many ways this is an extension of that feature. While there might still be a bit of time left before you can leave all your shopping up to Duplex and Google Assistant, the fact that you have all of your information secured safely so that you can offer it instantly to a service provider is really quite convenient and we should expect to see other companies following suit as well with Apple potentially offering this type of functionality with Siri.
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