Facebook Is Testing Automatic Group Invites From Pages, For The Convenience Of Admins

Facebook has introduced a new Automatic Group Invites feature, which allows admins to invite the followers of other Pages to join a group.

This feature was reported by social media journalist and eagle-eyed expert Matt Navarra (and Miguel Guillen). The feature, while an interesting one, has some reported limitations as well, so as to discourage users from abusing such invitations too much. First of all, invitations to pages can only be sent by admins. Therefore, in order to send Automatic Group invitation, a user would have to be a moderator across both the group and the page being invited. This way, users can't just randomly spam other pages with the intention of increasing their group's following. Secondly, in case the user has multiple groups, Automatic Invitations can only be sent for one group at a time. Finally, Facebook's also added an extra measure of quality control to this entire concoction. In order to ensure that your group remains an active hub, Automatic Invitations will only be sent out to the relevant page's Top Fans and active users. This means that accounts that have long-since been defunct, or are run by users that log in every once in a blue moon, won't accidentally become a part of your group's entourage.

Automatic Invitations are ultimately one of the best time saving inclusions Facebook has made to its interface. Instead of singling out individuals on a page, many of whom are strangers to moderators and vice versa, a single, branching request can be sent out at the click of a button. It'll be by the page, no strangers involved, and users will have the agency to ignore the call without any form of confrontation whatsoever. It also makes for an easier shift to groups. Many pages, once they get too large for their own good, attempt to create groups in order to re-obtain that niche audience they were shooting for in the first place. This way, that can be easily achieved!

Automatic Group Invites is a feature that must first be activated for the relevant groups via their Settings. Then, invitations can be sent forth to other Pages. As of yet, the feature isn't fully available either, and has been identified as part of a probable A/B beta testing project. However, to have gotten this far into testing means that the feature should be expected to come out in a few months at most.

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  1. I don't like it. I can't send an individual person an invitation. I don't want invites going out to top fans of my page because they don't have for the group which is only for educators. I need it to go back to how it used to be.

  2. I'm having the same issue. I just need to invite 1 friends to my group and cannot. Frustrating🙄

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