Facebook is planning to spend one billion dollars on creators who post content on its platform through 2022

Facebook wants to provide an opportunity to the content creators to earn a handsome amount through its platform; therefore, it has decided to launch a bonus program for creators so that they can earn rewards for the quality content that they post both on Facebook and its owned application Instagram. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will spend up to 1 billion dollars to reward the content creators for attaining particular milestones. The CEO of the platform said that he used to spend on creators but this time he is more enthusiastic to enlarge this program over the period.

Every day people post millions of content on Facebook and its owned platforms. The company has said that it is planning to launch one program named “Reel Summer Bonus” for Instagram users in the US in the beginning, however, it will also expand this program to other regions as well. The creators in America can get the bonus reward based on the performance and engagement of the reel content that they post on Instagram. This reward system will encourage the creators to make the best content for the viewers and it will also increase the quality of the content exists on the platform. The platform has also stated that it will roll out a plan for seed funding for those creators who make their own content.

Facebook wants to give a tough time to its rival applications such as Twitch and TikTok by attracting more creators through a proper plan. These steps can help the company to grow even stronger as a few months ago the CEO of the platform said that the company will not deduct a certain amount from the income of creators up to the next two years and when the company will start deducting a particular amount it will surely take less than 30% that Apple takes, and that was a big excavation for the company of Apple.

The initial plump of rewards for the users of Instagram will be delivered through an invitation. Currently, the bonuses of the platform include the in-stream advertisement for the next 4 months. The other one is the star bonus that many gaming creators can earn monthly. The bonuses on Instagram included the ads as an incentive on IGTV video content, and a live streaming bonus as well that people from 11 countries can get incentives by streaming live. These bonuses will assist the creators to attain a sustainable accomplishment on Facebook and its owned app. The company wants to increase its engagement so that it can convince users to migrate from the Chinese app TikTok to its platform.

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