Facebook Continues to Postpone External Brand Safety Audit Despite Mounting Pressure

After the massive controversy that occurred last year surrounding Facebook’s willingness to tolerate things like hate speech, advertisers started to become hesitant about working with the social media platform as they would obviously not want their content to be seen adjacent to such terrible things. This resulted in a massive boycott of Facebook’s ads which made the company agree to a brand safety audit that would be conducted by the Media Rating Council, a verification body that has been an industry standard for quite a lot of years now.

Facebook was supposed to let the audit commence by the end of June, but we are in the middle of July now and it seems that Facebook is just hoping everyone will forget. Not only has the platform not allowed the audit to start, there has also been no formal agreements or contracts signed between Facebook and the MRC which is bad sign with all things having been considered and taken into account.

Facebook’s reason for not allowing the audit to begin is that the company wants to conduct an internal readiness inquiry before allowing anyone access, but after such a long period of time has passed it seems that the social media platform is just making excuses. It is entirely possible that Facebook just wanted an end to the ad spend embargo that so many brands was taking part in, and now that the money has started flowing again the company does not really see the need to do the right thing anymore.

At a certain point action will have to be taken because Facebook’s unwillingness to agree to a third party audit is a strong indication that something is going on that the company does not want the world finding out about, and this makes it all the more important for the audit to be conducted.

H/T: DD.

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