Android 12 allows users to play games in the middle of downloading

Android has been updating a lot of features in its new Android 12 version. One functionality of Google Play Store that was never changed since many years has now updated. In today’s update, Google announced that it will going to be a surprise for game developers. Game developers spent their most of the time in creating the game app and it took comparatively more time to download the game on Google Play store. But in this update, Google is going to speed up the process by approximately two times. This change is for those using Android 12 version.

The name of this update Play as you download basically explains the purpose behind it. According to this feature, users are allowed to begin playing even when the game is downloading. This feature is going to be a big hit as previous settings took a lot of time to download and set up the game.

Newly launched games mostly consume larger space and require at least some good amount of time to download, because of their file size. Usually, when the game is taking time, users tends to get diverted and involve in some other activity on mobile. Google claims that it has fastened the speed of downloading in this new feature and for a game of 400MB, it will take fifty percent less time. Specially, a console gamer will easily recognize this notion as Sony company came up with the similar approach for PlayStation games earlier.

This isn't the first time Google has tried to make games download quicker. Google actually has a similar function called "Google Play Instant," which was meant to let gamers launch a game from the Play Store right away. However, the goal is to eliminate the installation procedure entirely, allowing potential gamers to test out a new game relatively quickly.

The new feature “play while downloading” is nearly similar to Instant Play interface. It is enabled by Google’s Android App Bundle form which is likely to be overtaking the older APK format. Android App Bundle has been a major beneficial format for gamers as it will reduce the downloading time and makes file smaller to retain space.

'Play as you download' is not only better than Instant Play but it also allow users to start the game without making any extra efforts and it also manages large amount of data easily. The most important point for users is that games will load substantially faster on any device operating Android 12. This may initially just apply to recently launched games, but it will ultimately apply to all of them.

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