Google is planning to test a new feature that aims at providing users more relevant media content

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across a question that you don’t know an answer to a question, well it surely is Google, we all use Google for searching for information on everything be it a question about academics or research about a product that we intend to buy. We all trust Google to bring us accurate results each time we search and Google never fails to impress us. Google is a company that constantly works on bringing new updates and changes to its products to make them better for its users, it is Google’s commitment towards its users that makes the company one of best.

One of Google’s recent effort towards making sure that it offers its users better services than other competitors, Google's new patent will help solve a problem, i.e.: searchers need for related media content, this patent is what enables Google users to find out links between different relevant media content. This new patent contains a system and method that aims to organize media content into different categories thus making it easy for users to find different content that they are interested in.

The new patent also contributes into advancing the idea of query less searches, which basically means the availability of content that a user would like to watch or see without them having to search for it. The new patent automates the whole search engine and gives search suggestion to the user without them searching for it by tracking their interest and past activity for example if you are someone that is a fan of a certain actor, the new patent will track that information and then based on this information the patent will suggest even better and different pictures, videos and movies of that actor without you having to search for them.

Google having the new patent means that now no other competitor can bring a feature that does the same, securing this feature and making it limited for Google only, Google buying this patent surely does mean that query less searching and providing users with information without them searching for it is the future of search engines and since Google is the first company that has patented this feature, it surely will be the search engine that will win the maximum market share in the years to come.


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