Giphy releases a new ‘GIF with sound’ feature for both Android and Apple users

With the increased use of texting as a form of communication, GIF’s are one thing that makes some boring texting interesting and funny. Users find GIF’s that perfectly replies the other person while also making them have a good laugh. Nowadays every other mobile device includes an endless collection of GIF’s which are created by different GIF companies. One such successful GIF company is ‘Giphy’, ever since its launch in 2013 Giphy has been really successful and is one of the top sources of GIF’s. Later in 2020 Facebook bought Giphy for $400 million.

Giphy does understand how important it is for people to use the perfect GIF at the perfect time and how their GIF’s brings boring text conversations to life. Have you ever had a boring and dry conversation with someone that suddenly changed into a really funny conversation just because the other person sent you a hilarious GIF that made you laugh very hard, which then resulted in you both exchanging funny GIF’s for a long time.

GIF’s have become one important feature when it comes to texting, but have you ever noticed that the GIF you send or receive doesn’t have a sound and when it’s a GIF of someone saying a famous dialogue or line it is just text written around the GIF while the person or character in the GIF is silent. This sure is irritating and it would have been amazing if GIF like these had sounds with them.

Well, we will soon have them, since Giphy has stepped up the game by launching GIF with sounds. Now users will be able to find interesting GIF’s with sounds and dialogues that match the situation and environment of the conversation making the conversation more interesting. Now users will be able to find GIF’s with sounds and dialogues that perfectly represent their emotions or sounds that will make everyone in the group chat laugh.

Giphy in a a blog post (along with a video) announced that they have been working hard to bring GIF’s with sounds to every app where users are communicating. Previously users were able to share Giphy clips by using the video’s link but now users will be able to easily find interesting sound GIF’s while messaging. Apple and Android users both will be able to use sound GIF’s via Giphy’s iMessage extension and the android keyboard.

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