Facebook has introduced Fan-Groups for the promotion of gaming community where fans and streamers can connect with each other conveniently

Facebook has the largest gaming community with more than 700 million gamers on this platform, not only that many streamers earning a good amount of money from the donations etc. There is no doubt that the pandemic situation has promoted the gaming community and many people have starting gaming streaming on various platforms. To attract more gamers and fans to this platform, the company has created a fan groups feature for all gaming streamers and users where they can connect with each other, and streamers can even enjoy various features in this group, for instance, they can manage topics in threaded discussions and that will be turned to conversation channels just like in Discord app.

This group will assist streamers to get more viewers and if some users get some symbols of badges, they can easily demonstrate such badges to other members that they are highly engaged in a group. The company will also support users to discover more players who are ready to play different games through a post. Users will be able to write their demands about the players they are looking to join up and users will be put into a waiting list when all the spaces for gamers are filled. The platform wants to give users the best experience of gaming, when influencers will end up streaming users will get the recommendation to enter into their group of fans. Those users who will join the profile-pages of gaming influencers will get notifications about the group.

The new fan group feature will be accessible to all gaming users interested in games and will be introduced to all stages of creators in the near future. Facebook has a large platform with more than two billion users from which streamers can build a strong relationship to increase their views, and they can also get on to the same place without going to other individual platforms just like the Discord application that streamers use. The platform has also announced earlier that it will not get a portion of the income of creators until the next two years, so this can be a great opportunity for gaming influencers to grow on such a massive stage. This feature will also help the platform to grab more audiences and brands on this platform.

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