Data Shows Fintech Apps are Rising in Popularity

A major trend that has ended up emerging over the past year or two is that people are starting to take their finances a lot more seriously than they used to. As a result of the fact that this is the case, people are starting to diversify their investments in a wide range of fields, and this is where an intriguing intersection of the financial as well as tech industries can play an important role in shaping this phenomenon to facilitate people getting a far better outcome in the long run.

Fintech apps which are basically platforms that allow you to take advantage of banking services or alternatively look into making a few investments safely online are on the rise, and according to recent data put together by Appsflyer there has been a 132% increase in their downloads over the past year. Marketing has played a fairly huge role in this since the marketing exploits of various firms that are in this industry has driven a 300% increase in installs in Western Europe alone, and it seems like the industry has nowhere to go from here but up if this data is anything to go by.

Demand is also increasing for these apps so it’s safe to say that this is not some kind of a bubble created by marketing practices which could end up popping at any given moment. Rather, it is a phenomenon that is being driven by the requirements of consumers, and this could give rise to the next big trend in the tech industry that everyone would want to jump in on. It’s possible that major tech corporations such as Google and Facebook might want to cash in on this trend as well, and that could serve the very beneficial purpose of democratizing the process by which people might be capable of amassing wealth.

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