Android 12’s Beta update now includes Personal Security as a part of their safety and emergency settings

Since safety and security is a basic element in all devices now, Google decided to feature it as one of the key ingredients in the new update, Android 12. The feature is going to be labeled as 'Safety and emergency' and is going to be a part of the new update launching out in mid-September.

The purpose of this addition is to add all your safety and emergency details in a single space. The new feature will be easily accessible through the settings menu. This addition is linked to the Pixel's Personal Safety application inclusive of all your details.

The safety feature is like a little medicine box consisting of all your essentials - address, blood type, emergency contacts, etc. This will be of great assistance in case of an emergency, for instance, road accidents.

Additionally, Google has included a variety of emergency notifications and alert systems in case of catastrophes. Detection in the event of a car crash, which is an exclusive Pixel trait, gets activated when you face a road accident. The crisis management of the system is designed to be multifunctional and alert users even in case of crucial emergencies like natural calamities in your region.

The infamous SOS, a part of the previous system update, is also a highlighted feature here. The emergency SOS settings are designed to directly call 911 in case of an emergency that will be notified when the power button is pressed 5 times repeatedly.

Not only does Beta 2 have additional features, but the system is also designed slightly differently to feature those traits. SOS now has an exclusive icon while a special addition to link the personal safety feature has been added successfully on top of the menu.

If you’re wondering what was the need for such an addition, Google claims that there are a few options that will solely be accessible through this feature. The options included in this will not be displayed or made available in the normal safety menu.

These settings will be a part of the ‘Personal Safety’ feature which will be rolled out around Mid-September. We are yet to witness the actual addition of these features and if all of them will make it to the final launching.

The Android 12 is jam-packed with new features with the primary aim to improve user experience. It includes everything from communication updates to as simple as design layouts. Google has outdone itself this time.

We are excited for the launch of this new feature as well as the mountain of ease accompanying the Android Beta 12 update. It is indeed quite pleasurable to witness Google finally making changes to avoid even the most minor inconvenience.

H/T: AndroidPolice.

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