YouTube has launched 3 new features for creators including the ability to see Community Posts Metrics in YTA, the addition of multiple image posting, and post scheduling on iOS

YouTube is the biggest video hosting platform in the world with almost 2 billion monthly active users and according to the latest research, almost 6 out of every 10 people prefer watching videos on this platform than watching live TV as it is the second-largest search engine in the world and the most visited website after Google. YouTube launch different features and updates for its creators to help them create their content more conveniently. Recently, YouTube has launched three new features for YouTube Community Posts as a product manager, explained the features in a video, including Post Metrics in YTA, multiple photos posting, and the ability to schedule a post on iOS devices.

The first feature was highly requested by the creators and users that the ability to see post metrics in YouTube Analytics, just like the creators can see the analytics of their YouTube videos in YTA, now they can also see the analytics of their community posts in YTA, and the creators were requiring this feature for more in-depth detail to better understand the return on investment for the post. Now any creator in the world with 1,000 or more subscribers can see their impressions and involvement rage in YTA. The product manager has explained that this feature is currently available on the desktop version of YouTube, but YouTube is planning to bring in the Studio feature of mobile soon. The creators through this feature will be able to see how many times the post has been shown and how their fans are reacting to it, so the creators can now understand that how their post is performing in front of their audience and they can make their strategy accordingly.

The second feature will allow the creators to add multiple photos in a post as they could add only one image until now. The creators can now add 5 images in a post, and this will give the post a more dynamic view, and this feature will also be able to only those creators having 1,000 or more subscribers and this feature is now available for Android users and iOS users will soon see this feature on their device.

The third launch is the ability to schedule a post on iOS and this introduction will save the time of all creators and it will also raise their productivity while sharing content with others. YouTube has said that it wants the feedback of the creators on these three launches so that YouTube can bring similar exciting features in the future.

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