Idea Pins, a video-first tool targeted at creators, is now available on Pinterest

With the introduction of “Idea Pins,” a video-first functionality targeted at creators who aspire to talk about their experiences through video, music, innovative editing software, and much more, Pinterest is extending deeper into the creator culture. The latest Pins concept seems a lot like Pinterest's own TikTok mashup of Stories, as it allows creators to capture and edit innovative videos of up to 20 sections of content, utilizing resources like voiceover recording, sound effects, animations, and other creative features.

Idea Pins originated from the company's experiments with Story Pins, and was released into beta in September 2020, following various phases of production that began the year before. Pinterest demonstrated at the time that Story Pins were dissimilar from other media platforms' Stories in a way that they are based on people activities like experimenting out new ideas or items, rather than showing viewers glimpses into a creator's personal life.

One more distinguishing feature of Story Pins is that they're not transient, which means that they would not vanish after a set period of time, however could instead be detected using search and other exploration techniques. Pinterest has been partnering with Story Pin developers on the product for the last eight months since their launch. As a result, the Idea Pin was established — basically a redesigned Story Pin that now includes a more comprehensive set of editing resources than before.

Idea Pins include video because they cater to the growing market demand for innovative short-form video material, such as that found on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms. On iOS, Android, and the web, the videos in the Pins can be up to 60 seconds long each page, with approximately 20 total pages each Pin. Creators may improve their videos by inserting their own audio or employing a "ghost mode" transformation method to add one aspect of a video on another to properly highlight their before-and-after. They can also store copies of their existing work.

However, Idea Pins retain a range of options found in Stories, such as attaching stickers and labeling other creators with a @username. Pinterest promises it will release with over 100 hand-drawn stickers based on the main themes and habits it wants to see such as food related themes, festive occasions, and more. Pinterest is also collaborating with Epidemic Sound, a royalty-free music repository, to include a library of online songs to be used in Idea Pins. Since many creators choose Idea Pins to encourage individuals to attempt to make a recipe or a plan, they can have "information pages" where audiences can search the list of ingredients or directions, which really is useful.

Pins are posted on Pinterest and the company claims that they support creators create an audience via getting dispersed in a variety of ways around its website, and in certain markets, by finding Pins for creators users follow straight at the top of the home page.

While posting, creators may use subject tags to make sure that their work is identified by people looking for that type of material. According to the business, each Idea Pin may contain up to ten topic labels, which enable spread the content in a tailored manner to users through the home feed and search.

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