Google Will Now Play Doctor with You by Diagnosing Your Skin Conditions!

Google is all set to play Doctor with you.

The tech giant is working on launching a new feature which will help you detect a bit about your skin conditions. If you detect a mole, some kind of rash, or any other appearance that was not present on your skin before, Google might be able to help you out with its newly-announced dermatology assist tool.

This new AI powered tool can give you an idea about your diagnosis through a bunch of questions and help you make up an idea about what the unidentified new thing on your skin is.

In case you are wondering how an AI powered tool will help you in making a diagnosis, do not worry we will enlighten you with that information. In order to tell you what your skin condition maybe, Google’s new feature will ask you to provide it with three close shots of the affected area of the skin along with a series of detailed questions like how the affected area feels and how long you've had it which will verify your case further.

The Google tool according to the company will also ask for factors like age, gender, race, and skin types which are very important to make a solid diagnosis. Once all this information is submitted, the feature will name the condition you may possibly have and will also back it up with a few images from web in comparison with the ones you submitted.

However, the company has warned the public that this new tool by the tech giant in no way replaces the help from professionals or an actual diagnosis. According to the company, some people are very anxious about even the little changes on their body and in case they cannot get an appointment with a medical expert soon, this tool may help them ease their worries about what the diagnosis actually is.

However, it is advised to still see a professional medical worker because how many times has it happened to you that you put in your symptoms in Google and it tells you that you are about to die even if you have a normal diagnosis. Hence it is always advised to rely on authenticity which is a medical professional and a human as well rather than trusting a device with your health.

The tool is still in process of launching and will first be rolled out in the EU regions as a preview and later in other regions. However, no specific date as to when in EU or other regions will it launch. If you are interested in having this feature in your area as well soon, you can register your interest at Google services.

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