Google Play Store has put a hold on auto-renewal subscriptions temporarily in this region

Auto renewal subscriptions have given us the major convenience of all. The process of paying and then receiving an invoice takes up a lot of time and through the auto renewal it has made us to not get disturbed with payments during our daily chores. XDA developers is a platform that hosts discussions mainly around Android, the members talk about operating systems and about all the developments that take place in the tech world. XDA Developers this time have brought bad news for the citizens of India. It has been reported that Google has put a hold for auto renewing subscriptions all across the country.

This decision from Google comes in after the Reserve Bank of India (India’s central bank) has added rules for needing an extra layer of authentication for subscriptions and the payments. This action will begin to take place from the starting of May and will last till the company will address its ‘ecosystem challenges’ as on the email they sent to the developers. Google is yet to comment on this discussion itself.

These new rules will affect digital services by a huge potential and will affect Play Store users more than usual. As India is already going through the deadliest corona virus situation these days, the one that has not been observed by anyone in the world yet, these auto-renewal subscriptions were important as the government has also imposed strict lock down instructions. People can still get access to their services but they will have to sign up to those services every month.

Auto-renewal subscriptions that are in motion currently will not be affected but Google has urged app developers to make it clear to the new users who are installing the app that they are making only one-time purchases. This will create a huge problem for people. Even though this hold from Google is a temporary one, it couldn’t have come on a more difficult time has everyone in that country are relying on the apps they have gotten subscriptions to, to get through this lock down and keep themselves sane as the situation of the country worsens.

India is witnessing one of the deadliest situations of corona virus in the history and this hasn’t been yet observed in another country since the start of this pandemic. Millions of people dying every day even before reaching to the hospital making it more hard for the government on to how to control this under control.

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