Facebook promises that the end-to-end encryption feature for Messenger and Instagram direct will roll out by 2022

In terms of user privacy and security, Facebook has always received backlash, and rightfully so. Most of the controversies that surround the app are based on privacy issues which its users face. Apps like Messenger and Instagram are popular all over the world are also owned by Facebook. The privacy concerns which the users have for Facebook, they have them when using Messenger or Instagram as well and even with hosting thousands of users, none of these apps offer end-to-end encrypt chats by default. The reputation of the company has suffered enough and to avoid further backlash and win over the trust of their users, Facebook has announced promising that it will soon roll out the end-to-end encryption for Messenger and Instagram direct as soon as possible by 2022.

On FB newsroom, the company made its announcement by sharing its safety and security plans for the future and even presented the results of the testing of those safety features, and with this the social media app announced that with the end-to-end encryption the tech giant needs a little more time and it will get it ready by 2022. Facebook had actually promised to add the end-to-end encryption feature for Instagram direct and Messenger in 2019 and by the looks of it, the company has taken its time for this feature. It is on the news that the company has tested out many features for Messenger that will work with end-to-end encryption. Facebook when announcing this said it is expected that the company might make some progress with its end-to-end encryption and that it is a long term project which is why the company will be able to get it ready by 2022 at the earliest and also that they are trying to introduce features that can work with end-to-end encryption as they plan onto building strong safety assets for their services. Facebook actually did launch its end-to-end encryption for Messenger back in 2016, but this security feature was only available when the conversation would switch to ‘Secret Conversation’ mode. Instagram on the other hand hasn’t had anything related to end-to-end encryption get introduced on its platform yet.

End-to-end encryption is a feature that has become common in almost every app now, and it is more than surprising to see that a feature as important as this for their users’ privacy hasn’t yet been introduced by a tech giant like Facebook. Even though Whatsapp, the most used messaging app on the platform that is also owned by Facebook has end-to-end encryption for quite some time now. It is odd to see that Facebook hasn’t yet developed this for their other apps.

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