TikTok’s Data Collection Policies for Children Result in Legal Action

While data collection is generally considered to be the sort of thing that a lot of people are not really going to want to see in their tech because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up resulting in their privacy being compromised, this is a debate that has strong proponents on both sides. However, when it comes to children pretty much every single person would agree that collecting data is a very bad thing that should be curbed through various regulations which has resulted in a number of social media platforms seeing legal claims being filed against them.

TikTok has recently had a case filed against them stating that the social media platform collects an unnecessary amount of data on children. While a certain amount of data will inevitably end up being collected, most social media platforms are expected to limit the data that is collected from them. What’s more is that privacy options should be put in place that would prevent any collection of data if that is what the parents of the children choose.

As per BBC, the case has been filed in the UK by Anne Longfield, an individual that previously worked as a commissioner for children, and it suggests that privacy options are often ignored by TikTok and that the social media platform still collects data on children regardless of what options have been selected. It will be interesting to see if this case pans out since it might result in platforms being held accountable for the data they collect. Most people would agree that data collection policies should be monitored a lot more, and in a lot of ways the legal system is pretty much the only avenue where such platforms can be kept in check since their power is often absolute in other scenarios.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images
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