The Oculus Store Is Introducing Subscription Packages To Individual Applications On The Platform

Developers publishing on the Oculus Store can now offer subscription packages to their customers, as opposed to being limited to either single purchases or settling for subscription packages outside of the store’s boundaries.

Oculus put up a recent blog post, dedicated to the new Store feature. Owing to the increasingly popular platform of VR entertainment, and the number of developers, start-ups, and companies that are dedicating themselves to it, the next logical step is clearly providing them with a method of sustaining their respective business models via introducing subscription packages to the Oculus Store forefront. Subscription packages will vary, depending on application to application, with some requiring subscriptions out of the gate to be accessed, while others hide specific bonus content behind a paywall.

Oculus has even listed out a bunch of the store’s popular titles that will be starting subscription packages. Big hitters such as FitXR, Rec Room, TribeXR, TRIPP, vSpatial, and VZfit will all be integrating the use of such packages into their products. All of these games will now be featuring exclusive content that customers can access via paying a monthly or yearly fee for them.

Naturally, one of the main concerns any individual on the Oculus platform may have after such an announcement is whether or not the content they already have purchased from these applications and games will be paywalled away from them. The answer to that is no, as Oculus’ blog post makes it transparently clear. Users who have already purchased content will still be able to access it without any supplementary fees added to the mix.

Another concern that users may be exhibiting is whether such subscriptions will even be worth the extra money being forked over. Oculus reassures users that all subscription-based features will have in-built trial and test features, that allow players to examine and get a feel for what they’re purchasing before going all in. Currently, as opposed to other subscription packages, these offers are limited to individual apps, as opposed to the entire Oculus Store. Then again, perhaps the success of such a business model may lead to the inclusion of humble bundles or other such offers that will allow multiple subscriptions and purchases for the price of one. At any rate, developers will be able to properly reap the fruit of their labors, while offering their customers more bang for their buck.

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