Study shows eSIMs adoption in connected devices will increase from 1.2 billion in 2021, to 3.4 billion in 2025

As technology is evolving things are changing, expanding and improving for the better and therefore so are eSIMS. eSIMs are sims which are a form of programmable SIM card that are embedded directly into a device. In machine-to-machine applications, where there is no requirement to change the SIM card, this avoids the requirement for a connector. It is a newer form of sim technology which will not require to take out your sim card and put it back in at times because it will be chipped in by the company directly and you will not have to go through the hassle. Considering you now know what an eSIM is let us move onto the report that was just released about it.

According to a report by Juniper Research the number of eSIMs installed in connected devices will increase from 1.2 billion in 2021 to 3.4 billion in 2025 which is a steady 180 percent in growth in between these years.

The report predicts that the growth will be most observed in the consume sector accounting for a good percent of 94 in the growth of the eSIMs, followed by the industrial factor and then the public factor for the remaining percentage.

The report further suggests that Apple and Google will be the sole reason for the increase in the growth of these new embedded universal integrated circuit card claiming that it will be driven by iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch specially. The adoption of eSIMs in the consumer devices of the Google and Apple will accelerate the growth of these sims at a very fast rate in the industrial and public sectors.

eSIMs are not new to Apple as the company has been using it since they had introduced the Apple Watch Series 3 with a cellular connection. After its positive response the company expanded its use and introduced it in the third-generation iPad Pro, and with the iPhone XS line, offering for the first time ever embedded-SIM support for the iPhone and now it is being introduced in many other of the company’s devices. The launch of the Apple software version 14.5 the company will add support for dual 5G-band using the physical SIM as well as the eSIM chip. This sim is said to improve your iPhone’s security more than a normal one.

It is great to see companies adapting to the newer technologies and ensuring that they do what is best for the people and the company. eSIMs are a great initiative and we cannot wait to see how well it does for Google and Apple.

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