More Cybercrimes Observed During the Past Year Than in The Past 15 Years

Previously in the old world the only form of theft were burglary and robberies but with technology increasing immensely in the modern world, people are getting smarter with the ways they use it and cybercrimes have hence increased.

During this time of the pandemic a large increase in cybercrimes was observed and according to a data it was revealed that more records of cybercrimes have been recorded in the past 12 months than they ever were in the last 15 years. The attacks have been severe in many cases going as far as ransomware in some cases which is a form of online theft that blocks your access to your own data until you pay through it. This form of attack has specially been observed in the hospitals and because of this and other forms of cybercrimes many companies have been forced to shut down.

Reading all this, you must be thinking if such cyberattack activities are happening through the computers why are not enterprising companies taking action in order to avoid such activities? Well they are.

A report by Canalys showed the public that the companies are spending a decent amount of money on cybersecurity keeping in mind the fact that cybersecurity investment grew 10% in 2020 to 53 billion dollars but it has not shown a positive response and the number of attacks are still increasing.

The question stands as to why even after such a large sum of investments have we not seen any improvement in the form of both cyberattacks or cybersecurity.

Well, experts suggested that some companies are still not investing the proper amount into cybersecurity which they need to stay secured. During the pandemic it was observed that the company’s sole purpose was to remain stable by focusing on providing proper services rather than focusing on their security while some enterprises may have increased their vulnerability by responding to the pandemic in ways that ignored their safety policies.

It is important for companies to keep their security the center of their focus because without proper security the services will not be of any use and if the crimes of cyber started increasing at this rate we will soon be witnessing a mass extinction of organizations, which will threaten the post-COVID-19 economic recovery. We truly hope all companies will focus on their security more to ensure a secured place in the cyber world.

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