Google to Introduce a Heads Up Feature to Alert You to Stop Using Your Phone While Walking

Google comes up with new and unique features in its smartphones every now and then in order to keep their users interested in their technology and while some of its features have actually proven to be really good some just don’t make sense at times or the simply do but aren’t really sensible to us? You get me?

Well, we had some similar feelings when we heard about this new feature that Google has launched in its smart phones. The tech giant is rolling out a feature called “Heads up” which will alert users when they are looking into their phones while walking.

In short, it will tell you to stop looking at your phone while you are staring at your phone. This feature was discovered by a Twitter user, Jay Prakash Kamat.

Let us talk about why this feature does not make sense to us before we get into how you can access this feature. Well, firstly it will tell you to stop staring at your phone while you are walking and we are pretty sure every sane person knows that they should not be looking into their phones while crossing a busy road. The only time they may be looking into their phones while walking is if they are on an empty pavement or in their homes or simply where it is safe to walk without giving attention to your surroundings and since we all are humans with a working mind sitting on the top of the intelligent life forms existing on the planet we all know that.

But all this is our judgment and the thought process on this feature varies from person to person.

With my rant out of the way, let us discuss this feature and how you can access it if you find it intriguing and useful.

The option is found on the Digital Well Being Apps in the Reduce Interruptions section. The main page will give you a short intro on what this feature will specifically do. On pressing next, you will be taken to the next page in the Heads Up section which will provide you with some additional settings such as enabling the notifications from Heads Up as well as will ask your permission for tracking your physical activity and location. The latter being optional.

Once all this is enabled your phone will send you notifications for you to focus on your surrounding rather than your phone when it detects that you are walking.

Heads Up feature is being rolled out by Google on its Digital Well Being App and is currently said to have hit the Pixels Phones. While there are reports of some Pixel Phones still not getting this feature so as to when it will be launched on Android Devices is not known.

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