Google Docs and slides users have been reporting text formatting issues with adblocker extensions; however, disabling the ad blocker can resolve the issue

Browser extensions are extremely useful and can improve the experience of web browsing as a whole. However, sometimes some of these extensions create issues for our browsing; for instance, the page does not load properly or even does not load at all. Recently, Google Docs and Sheets users have been complaining about these issues with adblocker extensions. Some of the users are saying that when they opened Google Docs, the right margin looks messed up, and words are running off the end of the page to vanish forever, and they cannot even highlight anything or move their cursor, and on the top of this, Google sheet is layering the text over the top of itself which makes it difficult to read anything. It also prevents you from selecting the text, you cannot even copy and paste it to the other Doc either which creates more trouble for you.

Many users have been reporting these issues on various platforms and according to a report from Reddit users, they are facing these issues because are using adblocker extensions and page script blocking extensions, if you disable such extensions, it will fix the problem. But, the issue is, no one can say it confidently that it is the only ad blocker due to which users are facing these issues, some people have pointed out that other extensions that can alter page content can be a cause of this problem. However, all users have different combinations of extensions that they use, therefore; still it is very hard to say anything that which extension is exactly causing these issues.

Google drive product manager, Remy Burger explained that the recent changes in some ad blockers have implemented and that is out of their control, users can either put on the allow list or they can disable the adblocker to get rid of this problem temporarily. Thankfully, ad-block has already stated that it will fix the problem shortly, so users might not have to wait for a proper solution for too long. Using, Google Docs with a changed user profile while enabling the ad blocker does not cause this quite weird problem.

Many people have reported that this problem is only on Chrome browser, Docs are still working fine on Firefox and Edge, so if disabling the ad blocker does not solve the problem and it is suggested to try other browsers which have no issue like this.

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