Facebook is testing new "see more or less" buttons on mobiles that will assist users to manage the watch video section with the help of its algorithm

The Facebook’s algorithm is responsible for managing the users feed, it decides which posts should be visible to everyone whenever they will open this app to check up on their feed, not only this, but it also manages the order in which these posts will be showing up. Currently, as spotted by Matt Navarra, Facebook is updating its algorithm and has decided to bring in a new feature button saying “See less” and “see more” on the watch videos Section. Previously it was introduced for the desktop version of Facebook.

According to the social media giant Facebook, no single algorithm is behind this large set up instead multiple layers of machine learning models are available to evaluate the value of each post and it’s impact on the user. Putting this to simple terms, it reflects that not every available post is in a chronological order instead the Facebook’s algorithm evaluates every post and ranks it and based on the score, it is made available in a descending order for the user. And then the user can bring in the “see less” or the “see more” button to handle the watch section.

This is not the first time the algorithm is being updated, previously this process has taken place multiple times and every time the algorithm is updated a new feature is made available. Going back to 2006 when news feed had just made its debut and in 2007 the famous “like button” was introduced. And in 2009, things got more arranged based on user’s preference as the post with more likes was made available at the top of the news feed. 2015 was the year when Facebook enabled the user to manage their news feed with see first option so they can prioritize the posts or the pages from which they are coming. In 2016, the posts now had a “time spent” written next to them to measure the posts importance by calculating the time spent by users on it.

Moving on to the year 2017 in which one of the most famous update was introduced, the emotional reactions commonly known as the angry or the love reacts. 2018 introduced the users to the posts that were famous for starting a spark conversation with some meaningful interaction. The year 2019 started to give attention to the close friends list as well and started to bump up those posts with the see first list as well , this was based on the user activity in which the people who were engaged more either by chat or by tagging in other posts. After facing criticism for the 2018's algorithm, Facebook decided to hand over the control of the feed to its user in 2020 this is why in this year, 2021, Facebook started with introducing the see more see less button, this will help minimize the number of posts in the watch videos section. This can work for either the entire watch videos, or for just some specific profiles or pages. Currently this is not available for everyone and is still in its testing phase however it could be available soon.

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