Apple Announces WWDC For June 2021! Time to Get Ready For iPhone 13 or Apple Glass?

To all the Apple fans out there, the first good news for the year has arrived as Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) is now expected to take place between June 7th-11th. However, because of the pandemic, the event will only take place online this time around, again.

Just like every year, Apple is expected to reveal the next software for the upcoming models of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. And based on that, there are again predictions regarding iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iMac, and other products that are expected to arrive this year. But the biggest of them all seems to be Apple leaving hints for its whole new product line - the augmented reality headsets.

The announcement begins with the annual Swift Student Challenge now being open for submissions and Apple has given it a tagline of Glow and Behold (with a youthful Memoji-type image). This overall means that this year Apple is eyeing for young developers to show off how cool they are with Swift Playground.

If you carefully look in the eyes of the Memoji, you will get to see the date of the conference being reflected in the glass. And we are very sure that this looks like to be a tip-off from Apple!

The tech world lately has been waiting anxiously for Apple to come out with its AR Glasses but it just won’t be that easy since a new product category like Apple Glass would require compatible apps and developers need a good amount of time for that.

All in all, chances are that Apple may give us a sneak peek of its most anticipated piece of hardware and developers may get invited to pitch in some exciting ideas to make Apple Glass more of a wondrous invention. But if we go by the previous trends, then Apple prefers to make such announcements on hardware-related events. So, the fall of this year may just be the time of surprise again!

Moreover, if all goes well then Apple Glass can land in 2022 which will also give developers enough time to execute things in the best way possible.

Coming back to the event itself again, according to Apple, the attendance at the event last year was record-breaking and for them, it wasn’t even surprising considering how there were no restrictions of fitting in a limited number of people online.

Apple claims to have 28 million developers on its list and maybe they have finally thought that being online is the only way to let a fraction of that number be a part of the conference and pitch in their ideas.

With that being said, WWDC also takes care of the non-developer community as the conference begins with a keynote giving hints about what’s to come in terms of hardware later.

It’s just that Apple has always been more precise in guiding the developers with exact information and detail.

If you’re also looking for clues this year, then Apple keeps its move closer to the chest every time and you will have to play really smart in order to predict. So, in case if the announcement is being made about an advanced iPhone camera software that will potentially boost certain features or even introduce new ones, the company makes its way by informing users about how it can benefit the current iPhone hardware. But, on the other hand, you can then be sure that cameras on iPhone 13 would be worth it!

There’s misinformation too! Last year, Apple announced sleep tracking to be a part of the Apple Watch in watchOS 7. However, when Apple Watch Series 6 came out the feature was replaced by a faster-recharging battery in Series 6.

Similarly, in the announcement picture, there is a kid wearing earbuds which don’t exactly look like Airpods, so is there something else on cards? Maybe not!

But again, are they earpieces for Apple glass? We again don’t know!

Nevertheless, we are sure about new details on macOS, watchOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS as they will certainly be a part of the event.

One can also expect more advancements with the new M processor that is bound to take over the M1 chip in Mac hardware from the future. Apple can also reveal the chip with another iMac or MacBook Pro.

We are betting on a new iMac at WWDC!

But while there are two months to go, we will keep you updated with more strong predictions.

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