Why is NetSuite the Best Cloud-Based Software for your Business in 2021?

Whether you run a small business or a large-scale manufacturing company, it’s highly recommended that you use credible software for managing your business’ key processes. And luckily, we happen to have just the right suggestion for you: NetSuite.

For those of you unaware, NetSuite is the top cloud-based business management software. It helps you perform/manage integral business operations without breaking a sweat such as inventory, finances, eCommerce, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s shed light on why your business needs NetSuite as well as some of the software’s most impressive features.

Why NetSuite?

When you run a business or are tasked with taking it to unimaginable heights, you need visibility and control as these are the factors that influence your decision-making skills. And NetSuite provides you with the needed control and visibility. If that didn’t sound convincing enough, it should be noted that 77 out of the top 100 private cloud companies across the globe use NetSuite.

Here are the major reasons why NetSuite should be your go-to Cloud ERP Business Software:
  1. Easy Access to Real-Time Analytics: NetSuite boasts a real-time dashboard that gives you access to key business metrics such as sales, finance, services, marketing, etc.
  2. Low IT Costs: It’s known that NetSuite makes it easy for you to perform key business processes. But what makes it stand out is that NetSuite doesn’t require hefty costs for IT maintenance.
  3. All-in-One Cloud-Based Platform: When you have NetSuite, you don’t need to look for any other business software since the cloud-based platform provided by NetSuite alone allows you to perform and manage almost all crucial business processes including ERP/Accounting, CRM, eCommerce, etc. This, in turn, saves you money that will otherwise be spent on different business applications for managing different tasks.
  4. Best Solution for Enhancing Productivity: Thanks to the automated processes provided by NetSuite, never has it been easier for you to boost the productivity of your business management tasks without significant errors.
  5. Easy Integration & Customization: As discussed above, NetSuite allows you to execute different business applications on the same platform, reducing costs, and boosting productivity as a result. However, that’s not all since NetSuite also transfers all the information to easy-to-access and easy-to-customize dashboards.
  6. Data Accessible from All Over the World: Since NetSuite is a cloud-based business-management software, it allows you to access key business details no matter where you are and when you want to access the said details. You can even resort to using NetSuite’s mobile application to access your business’ data from the comfort of your smartphone.

Who can Use NetSuite within a Company?

It’s interesting to note that within a business, NetSuite can be used to improve various operations. Here is a list of personnel who can speed up their work and increase their efficiency by using NetSuite:
  1. Financial Controller: By offering real-time strategic visibility and access to reliable data, NetSuite makes it easy for you to lower the costs, ensure compliance in a regulated setting, and level up your financial and management reporting skills.
  2. Chief Financial Officer: Crafted for your industry with expansive capabilities and flexible nature, NetSuite is a delight for the CFOs when it comes to managing the finances of their businesses.
  3. Chief Information Officer: NetSuite allows CIOs to up their strategic game in order to deal with the challenges faced by their businesses while future-proofing them.
  4. Sales Manager: NetSuite is a Sales Manager’s go-to software for efficient forecasting, planning, budgeting, setting targets, and ensuring that the said targets are being achieved within the specified timeframe.
  5. Operations Manager: NetSuite helps an Operations Manager with a plethora of core business processes such as planning, manufacturing, warehouse management, fulfillment, marketing, inventory management, billing, etc.
  6. Customer Support Representative: NetSuite provides a dashboard that offers Support Representatives real-time visibility and access to customer data that, in turn, helps them resolve pending cases swiftly, achieve an unrivaled level of customer satisfaction, and do their part in lowering service costs.

Impressive NetSuite Capabilities that You Should be Aware of

  • NetSuite boasts automated payment schedule processes. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of your accountant forgetting to capture a payment every month
  • NetSuite gives you access to accurate information since all employees within a particular organization use one and only one system, resulting in the data staying up to date 24/7
  • NetSuite can be used for maintaining a stable audit trail, fetching audit-related logs + workflows, and gaining access to transaction details when required
  • NetSuite SuiteBilling allows businesses to schedule and automate modifications to subscriptions, even allowing companies with multiple subscription services to link all services under the same umbrella, simplifying the billing process as a result.
  • NetSuite is also capable of generating a sales report at the end of every day. The said report categorizes sales on the basis of the customer, region, and SKU.


When you are running a business, being satisfied with your current standing is never an option. Instead, you should focus on expanding your business, break into new markets, and whatnot. However, if you have to worry about human errors on a regular basis or wait for hours and days to get a particular report, that’s not the way to go.

This is where NetSuite strives to help you. By allowing your business to get more productive, competitive, efficient while lowering costs and simplifying various business tasks, NetSuite solidifies its status as your go-to Business Management Software.

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