TikTok is seen to be prompting accounts that circulate hate and misinformation

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms play a huge role in whatever matter is taking place whether in political, economical or environmental space. Social media platforms provide a huge space where people can voice out their opinions and make a difference that can help out others but these very networks can also be a space that generates a toxic environment causing an impact not only on one state but globally as well. Even though such social media apps have tried their level best to create an environment that is healthy and informative for all but some people who support extremist groups make the overall app toxic to use causing an impact on everyone's mental health.

One such app is Tiktok which since a day of its release has been much loved and used by everyone. In recent years every trend that has been seen go viral on social media platforms is one that got generated from Tiktok. Many content creators got the boost they needed for their careers to flourish through this platform. Even during this pandemic Tiktok was one of the apps that provided basic tools and features to help out small businesses and other people in general but there's also no denying the fact that TikTok has become a platform that spreads hate and violent activities too.

Like every other social media app Tiktok has set up an algorithm where it recommends its users' accounts to follow which they think their users' will be interested in, this is named as 'For You' on the app. Recently it has come to notice that the only type of accounts Tiktok recommends are the ones that support conspiracy movements like QAnon, Three Percenters and Oath Keepers. This comes from an investigation that was carried out by a media group from Media Matters for America. TikTok has been seen to continuously recommend content and accounts which other social media apps have banned and which even TikTok too has claimed to banners as well. For those who don't know QAnon followers are those which support conspiracy theories, Three Percenters are an American and Canadian anti government militia movement that is run by Michael Brian Vanderboegh and the Oath Keepers which is also an anti government militia organization that contains former and current military and police.

Tiktok told a media outlet that the platform works very efficiently to stop the spread of any type of misinformation and violence and even claimed that it has banned such accounts and its followers from the social media app but the investigation tells otherwise. If a user follows such an account the app will quickly recommend another account of such type.

These accounts were also involved with spreading misinformation of covid-19 vaccines and are also known to spread violence. Even though these four movements hold different meaning, their followers are seen to be spreading similar content. The investigation found 6 common scenarios that showed only some specific accounts to be coming up on the 'For You' section on Tiktok, it has been said that this is of course is very harmful and such information should not be put out there especially for the younger generation to see who can be brainwashed from such activities causing an impact globally.

We really hope strong action to be taken by Tiktok as such activities are not only toxic but dangerous to extreme levels as well.

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