Android And iOS Users Exposed To Danger Due To Private Data Leak On Insecure Apps

According to a recent analysis report by the Zimperium Team, millions of people who use smartphones are at high risk of getting their data leaked because of the installed applications that are leaking the user data to third parties. Regardless of the utmost effort put by Android and iOS companies as well as Google and Apple to make browsing and using Smartphones safe for the people, around 1.3 million iOS and Android applications are having cloud misconfigurations and data leakage.

Based in Dallas, United States, Zimperium has proved to be one of the best in its field i.e. mobile application, security, and computer software defense solutions, and to stop the spyware and virus from entering the android by protecting the Google play store.

The mobile security company, without naming the particular applications or companies told that hundreds and thousands of application developers go wrong in providing secure data to the users as a consequence of lack of cloud protection protocol. Also, the number of unsecured apps on iOS is visibly more with 84 thousand unsecured apps and android having 47 thousand unsecured apps. This can be a huge favor for the hackers as they can easily get access to private user information stored on the application company’s server which includes personal details, banking information, medical information, address, personal pictures, etc. and if precautionary measures are not taken then a huge amount of user data will be forged and misused for criminal activities.

This can get more serious if especially the banking details of the users are sent through any camera application etc., which is then stored on the company’s records and later taken by the hackers for illegal use.

As said by the Zimperium security team, "According to our research 14 percent of Smartphone apps that provide cloud storage are having unsecured software and are in danger too many risks. In almost every category or country, our investigation revealed several serious issues that reveal Personal Identifiable Information, enabled fraud, exposed Internet Protocol, software, and internal systems.

Recently, WhatsApp’s new security update about sharing the user data with its parent company Facebook and other third-party apps resulted in huge chaos around the world.

As suggested by Zimperium, the less secured apps should get help from external sources and guard their security system with more advanced techniques to overcome this problem.

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