Microsoft will soon launch a Windows 10 security update that will remove the old Edge desktop browser from users’ system

The giant tech Microsoft has decided to remove the ending support for the edge legacy desktop application on March 9, 2021. The old Microsoft edge legacy will receive no security update anymore. There could be privacy reasons for which Microsoft has decided to remove it. However, the main reason could be the security changes, or it may want to grab more users to use their browser as a platform. According to a report by Engadget, Microsoft wants to rebuild its new version of the browser that could be launched globally at the start of the month of June through a windows update. The company has also announced it recently that the company is going to rebuild the browser using Google’s Chromium software.

The company may want to build a browser same as Google chrome because it is amongst the top using browser worldwide. The company may also want to improve its privacy policy, therefore, keeping in view the users’ requirement, Microsoft will launch the browser that will maintain all the standards of privacy.

When you apply the new update to your devices, the out of support Microsoft edge legacy desktop application will be uninstalled automatically from your device and the new edge Microsoft edge will be installed in your device. Microsoft first launches this version on PCs, and it will launch these versions in mobile phone browsers as well. Microsoft said that its new browser offers in-built security and the best interoperability with the Microsoft security ecosystem, but Microsoft claims that its browser is even more secure than the Chrome browser for businesses and enterprises on windows 10.

However, the users must keep in mind to apply the optional windows 10 March preview release to make this replacement occur. The update will impact only those users’ with windows 10 who are using the legacy version of the Microsoft edge application, after the user apply the necessary changes like the update, and the new version will be added and the old one will be uninstalled from the PC, and side-by-side experience with both versions of the browser will no longer be available.

However, Microsoft is trying its best over the years to make its internet explorer improved by leaps and bounds, as it seems like the stigma from the old days was too hard to shake, which consequently came in the shape of a new browser called Edge.

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