Google is experimenting with new Tabs widths and size options in the new tab scrolling feature for its Chrome browser

Google Chrome is at the top of the list of most used browsers in the world due to the reason that it has multiple features and security protection. Google is always trying to build some good features for its users as recently, Google has experimented with new tabs width and size options in scrolling feature to make your habit of opening multiple tabs at the same time to make your browsing faster and it is able to manage your dozens of tabs while browsing.

There are two parts of Google’s experiment. One is in Chrome 88, where users can make the tab scrolling feature enable via a flag. This feature is made in such a way to make your tab bars don’t look so squeezed which makes it difficult to see which tab you have opened and sometimes you close the wrong tab when you are using multiple tabs for browsing at the same time. However, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browser provides these tabs option features and it good to see that Google Chrome is also considering such features to provide you different size options to make your tab size according to your choice.

You can enable the tab scrolling feature (in Chrome Canary) through chrome://flags page (and by searching the Tab Scrolling flags, and you can enable your desired setting by playing with the available options). In addition to swiping through the tab bar with a scroll wheel or trackpad. You can further use your left and right buttons to scroll via your opened tabs. It just a type of use that works best for you.

Before these features, there was a point when the tab becomes overloaded and the management of using the tabs should be good, therefore, Google has considered this a problem and worked on it to provide you an easy way to manage your dozens of tabs at the same time in a tab strip.

In a scrolling flag in Chrome Canary, you will be able to find 4 different options to manage the size of your tabs. You can shrink tabs to pinned tab width and you can put the size of tabs to medium or large according to your own choice and even one more option in which if you don’t want to shrink the tabs you can enable this option.

You can select any of this option which suits your work and don’t forget to enable Tab Scrolling Buttons flag (as featured in the screenshots below), otherwise, you will not be able to scroll on these options which make your tab size squeezed.
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