Google Chrome is rolling out its grid layout and tab groups in a new update which is widely available now for Android users

Its been a while since Google launched support for tab groups on a desktop version which really helped to bring orders to chaos for those who were used to keep countless tabs open at the same time. Google announced back in September 2019 that is trying to add a convenient way in its Chrome browser to organize multiple opened pages. After being tested in that year, this feature is finally coming to on mobile platforms as well. This update will also bring a grid switcher to Chrome in the Chrome v88 update which was launched a few days ago in which tab groups have already started to roll out globally. This feature can be enabled via a server-side shift and you can turn it on or off according to your choice via a flag.

If your device has not seen this feature yet, you need to reboot your phone or close the Chrome browser once from the recent menu and then open it again, hopefully, this trick will work (or you'll need to even wait a few day more). After the launch of this feature, many users have given a mixed reaction, however, some users are not liking the latest layout as compared to the previous interface which was not changed for many years and they were used to it. The new grid is started getting used by many people n Chrome for iOS.

If you don’t like it, you can simply go to this link chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout in the address bar and click the dropdown menu and click the option "Disable". Then you need to restart your Chrome browser after clicking the blue button which will be shown on the bottom of your screen. You can also force stop your Chrome browser from the multitasking menu under App Info.

The new grid layout is slightly smaller that looks good on your screen, not like the older vertical arranged list that covered the width of your entire screen. You can also see many pages without being covered by other cards. Through a small tweak, you can see the new tab label in the top-left of the corner of your mobile screen.

In this new layout, you will not be able to see Incognito sits next to the list of your regular tab, instead you can shift it by clicking at that grid view at the top. Through this new feature, users are now able to drag one page on the top of another page to make a group, they can also reorder the pages which is already opened. Another creation method is given in the overflow menu by selecting the group tabs, you can press any link longer that will show you a new option called ‘’Open in a new tab in group’’. Hopefully, users would like these features which make their work easy.

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