Facebook Is Set To Develop Its Own Clubhouse Version

Facebook is infamously famous for copying and cloning other apps’ features previously that we are sure this time it’s the same case.

The invite-only audio social platform, Clubhouse was made by Germany based digital marketers and coders and is a fun way to share your future events and hangout details throughout social media. Through the app you can also promote their events by offering customized social media preview with a picture that contains room name, number of people attending, the date and time. It also shows the icon of the profiles of the hosts.

There was a tremendous hike seen in the usage of Clubhouse from 60 thousand users in December to a massive 2 million in a span of a month. And according to the New York Times, Facebook has ordered employees to make a similar product. Although Facebook has the video rooms and other virtual meet up options, but the clubhouse functionality they say, is different.

This could prove to be a dangerous time for the Clubhouse because of their key feature that is the audio room can easily be replicated by any other platform.

Five days before the announcement of the cloning of Clubhouse, the CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg joined the clubhouse app and talked about the future of virtual and augmented reality. According to the times it is in the early stages so we cannot say when it is launching.

There is also the clubhouse bio creator at clubhousebio.xyz, which can help people correct their profile bio and then send it. Clubhouse glow, clubhouse Avatar Maker, Thriveepic’s Canva template, Comet Events etc. also help the clubhouse users and moderators for community management.

The like button copied from FriendFeed, Facebook and Instagram stories copied from Snapchat, Instagram reels copied from the famous TikTok and now the clubhouse version. Facebook is making sure that no one dare stay ahead of them, all the internet crowd remain at their platform. Which has also lead the CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear at numerous court hearings, enforcement measures and penalties.

Also, Twitter is developing Spaces, a clubhouse rival and is in beta mode currently. Twitter is taking help from the much known social podcasting company called Breaker.

May be there are more apps trying to copy clubhouse element. Let us see how many more apps will replicate the feature in the future.

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