YouTube rival Rumble sues Google for rigging its search algorithm and unnecessarily promoting its platform's video content

Rumble is a video sharing website owned by Rumble Inc. which is like YouTube where you can see and share videos of different content. Rumble is the big competitor of YouTube having millions of viewers has recently sued Google over unnecessarily promoting the videos of YouTube, due to which healthy competition between two rivals cannot exist. According to the Rumble, Google is abusing the power of its search machine and boosting up its search by promoting its platform, which is totally against the law. This is the main allegation of Rumble Inc on Alphabet Inc. Unit.

Rumble, which is Canadian based, is getting much popularity not only in the USA but also around the world. Rumble appealed that tech platforms are engaging in censorship. Rumble further accused Google of anti-competitive behaviour, and it pre-installed the YouTube app on mobile phone devices, due to which Rumble deprived of 2 billion dollars revenue. It is the first time in history where small tech is hitting the big Tech for showing monopolist behaviour. Google did not agree to this allegation said that they are not showing monopolist behaviour, but they aim is to create strong competition around the Globe.

Of course, there is a lot of pressure on Rumble for hitting the Goodwill of giant Tech for antitrust issues in recent months and potentially diverting the traffic to YouTube by pre-installing the YouTube app on its owned android operating system. Rumble said that they had no other option, but to sue this giant tech because this antitrust behaviour is making Rumble lose its user to a great extent. It is obvious that if an app is pre-installed on any device, the user will most probably use the pre-installed app and will not bother to install Rumble from the play store due to which the popularity of Rumble Is getting day by day. Rumble further said that this behaviour of giant tech deprived the brand awareness and other revenue which the Rumble could receive, if this conduct does not exist.

Google spokesperson in response said that they will strongly oppose the baseless claim in the court and will defend their Goodwill. It was found previously that Google does not show partial behaviour by promoting its platform over other rivals.

Most of the earnings of the rumble come from the video content licensing, showing the advertisement on such videos, since 2014 total of 9.3 billion views on syndicated videos on YouTube and it earned through ad sense a 4.3 million dollars. But now, due to the favourable attitude of giant tech diverting most of the traffic to its platform.

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