The number of violent content and hate speech on the Telegram app is rising each day, due to which Apple company is being sued for not removing the app from its App Store

It is a time for every social media platform to review its policies for hate speech and violent content in the light of recent political violence in the U.S. One of the popular messaging app Telegram has also taken an action against the accounts promoting hate speech and escalating the situations in different countries of the world. People use these platforms to escalate the feelings and emotions of other people and this creates violence in society.

Telegram has tried to remove dozens of channels over the last few days but, this effort is not enough, still, violence is increasing in society. Telegram app was warned by the coalition to take some strict actions against the hate speech and violent and disturbing content. Apple company will also have to suffer a tough time of facing a case that could damage its reputation, and because they blocked Parler, but did not take any strong action against the popular messaging app.

This case was file at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. They made an allegation that it was in the knowledge of Apple company that the users of the Telegram app are using their contents to intimidate, threaten, and coercing the general public.

Billed is a non-profit making organization that forced the Apple company to immediately remove the extremist content from the platform, and according to this case which is filed against Apple company, it was alleged that Apple company is following its own rules and policies against the extremist and terrorist contents. Apple company is thinking about its own profit, even though this may create violent cases in society. Apple company is allowing Telegram to continue its activities without warning them.

In the last week Apple, Google, Amazon cut off their connections with the Parler for not following the guidelines against the hate and extremist speeches. The coalition thinks that this is a planned activity Apple company.

According to a CSW press release from the mid of last year that the Telegram is used as a channel by the Russian Government, and Neo-Nazi, and white nationalist groups. These groups are spreading fake information and racism on the platform which needs to be addressed by the telegram app.

Further Telegram is being alleged for utilizing the anti-black, and anti-Semitic group. This violence was planned before the inauguration of President Je Biden. Apple company is alleged for its unfair behaviour that it blocked Parler and Fortnite games from apple store for violating their rules. According to the lawsuit, Apple has a history with Telegram regarding its users and contents. Therefore, Apple company is not taking any actions against the Telegram app

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