Samsung Slips Up and Tweets About An Event Promotion Using An iPhone

Samsung placed itself in a hilariously unfortunate situation, putting out a promotional brand tweet from their biggest competitor, an iPhone.

We have Twitter to thank for this particular slip up. The social media platform will leave a small text icon in the lower right-hand corner of tweets, depicting the device they were issued from. Apparently, the marketing team at Samsung has yet to hear of this, as they went ahead and posted about their latest promotional gig Samsung Unpacked, with a competitor's product. Let the laugh track roll, and the Seinfeld theme play as we take a look into what's happening.

Samsung pulling such a move from any other device would have been worthy of a quick chuckle, but their usage of an iPhone of all products is akin to actively rubbing salt in one's own wounds. Especially when the tweet in question is referring to Galaxy Packed 2021, a live-stream event in which the company is launching several new products, including the highly-anticipated Galaxy S21. Promoting the release of a new product by using a competitor's product is either the result of an absolutely oblivious mistake, or a staggering sense of self-worth. Either way, it attracted sufficient attention for the event as Twitter's userbase went on to actively mock the tweet before it was swiftly removed. Win some lose some, apparently.

This can easily be chalked up to an honest mistake by some unsuspecting staff member who was working on a time crunch, even if the use of Apple products amongst Samsung's own marketing team has been laid bare-faced. It does, however, evoke retrospective amusement when viewed through the lens of Samsung's behaviour towards outsiders engaging in such "accidental" behaviour.

Recently, the South Korean tech giant sued their Russian brand ambassador, TV anchor and socialite Ksenia Sobchak, for using an iPhone X on live television. The lawsuit was to the mouth dropping tune of 108 million rubles (amounting to approximately $1.6 million). This lawsuit happened in the wake of other ambassadors such as Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame having been caught in similar compromising situations.

Apple's share of the mobile market stood at 26.91% in December 2020, opposing Samsung's 29.14%. While Samsung is in the lead, mostly owing to its availability of cheaper products as opposed to Apple's luxurious line of devices, it's gradually starting to slip. And mistakes like these, while innocuous and amusing at first glance, might only further public perception towards preferring its competitors. When a company's own marketing team, the individuals that should best understand its products' pros and cons, relies on a competitor's products instead, what will the general populace be led to assume?

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