Google Chrome 88 is rolling out with some outbreak changes like you can edit saved passwords, and new UI for giving permission will also end the Mac OS X 10.10 support

Google is trying its best to make its browser according to the latest choice of its users, so to give tough time to the Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Google is kicking the new release Chrome 88 with some major changes in this new year. This will make the user edit the saved password so that no unauthorized person can get access to them.

This new release has also changed some authorizations for websites. When you save the password on Chrome and next time you enter it again, you can manually update or change the password from the central list on chrome://settings/passwords. This feature will be released on desktops and iOS – Android will also get this release soon. If you are using Chrome on your desktop and still not able to see the new changes after updating the chrome. You can  turn this feature on manually with a flag, by going on this page:


In the new release, Google has added a feature in its browser that page will show you the list of accounts having weak credentials by tapping the “Check passwords’’. Google has made this feature for the safety purpose, so you can check that whether your password is weak or strong, this feature will also identify breaches. Users are more interested in this feature due to its safety feature, therefore, according to these statistics of Google, this feature is used more than 14 million times in a week. This can build the trust of users on Chrome, that the data of users is safe. Therefore, Google has reduced more than 37 percent of weak credentials stored in the browser.

Chrome 88 is also introducing the new UI for granting site permissions. Now users don’t have to close the prompt, before browsing the page. You can simply Allow or Block the pop up on the prompt bar.

The new release of Chrome 88 will not support Mac OS X 10.10. Further, if you share your screen with another person, For instance, you are sharing your screen while in a meeting, your notification bar will not be shown on the screen, which will allow you to keep your notification private until you finished the screen sharing. However, you can manually grant permission to allow the notification while screen sharing.

The changes that were made in Chrome 87 for improving the speed and battery timing is also available in this release too. The address bar can be shown on the screen of some users as a domain instead of an address bar.

To maintain privacy and keep the users’ data safe you will not be able to download an unsafe image, audio, or video in chrome 88. You can submit your content using HTTP, to reduce the overload of HTTPS.

According to Google, this update is more secure and an improved version, that will maintain your privacy.

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